Prepare yourself for a visual FEAST!
Our Beautiful Customers....

Over the past 12 years Moon Star Magic have been priviliged to be apart of literally thousands of weddings, formals and other various functions. We've been invited to many, and in turn have been lucky enough to see our work in all its glory. We've also made many wonderfull friends through our work. If we haven't taken our own photos, we have been entrusted with theirs. Here are just a few....

Friends and clients of Moon Star Magic...
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kerry and Barry NEW!

Mel and Rob NEW!

Mic and Donna

Mark and Jo

Making the Reqium

Craig and Vicki

David and Tarra

Chris and Julie

Brett and Mandy

Ian and Tania

Mark and Monica

Rob and Heidi

Toni and Gavin

Beautiful Rachael

Melanie and Derek

Fiona and Dan

Jenny and Chris

Darren and Ester

Cassie and Tony

Justin and Jenny

John and Trish

Tim and Trish

John and Michelle

Tracey and Henry

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