Want the whole story? you got it...

About 12 years ago a couple of Brisbanites went to their first Medieval festival, 'The Abbey Medieval Tournament'. Having never been to such an event they were inspired to not only make medieval styled fashions, but after seeing the vast quantity of poorly made fashions being sold on the day were determined not to be like the rest. Instead their aim was to manufacture the highest quality garment of its style available, and sell it at the lowest possible price.

In 1996 the label took what little designs they had made to Brisbane’s Southbank markets and were amazed when they retured home with nothing left. They sold everything! What’s even stranger is they initially only ever wanted to sell shirts and bodices. The public pretty much moulded Moon Star into the phenomina it is today. People would ask if they could make a skirt that complimented their bodices or a blouse that went with that, etc etc. Then came the brides who wanted it made in the quality bridal satins, chifons and brocades... The school formal and medieval wedding market was something that never actually crossed their minds. But they ran with it and are now leaders in their field.

3 years later Moon Star Magic opened its first boutique above Brisbane’s most famous cafe, the ‘3 Monkeys cafe’, Almost 10 years on, and after literally hundreds if not thousands of combined weddings, school formals, balls, etc they’re still going strong with a second Ferny Hills shop under their belt.

Moon Star Magic are first and foremost artists. We’re the first ones to admit that we’re the worst business operators anywhere. The lifestyle and opportunity to meet interesting and beautiful people is where it’s at in our book. Hey we’re reliable and get the job done always beyond expectation! We’re just not in it primarily for the money or the fame. We treat our customers how we like to be treated ;)

So yeah! Moon Star Magic was basically an accident that happended after the harmless comment, “hey! wouldnt it be cool to make these clothes and be or own boss!”

Our Shops
Ferny Hills Brisbane

We're known famously as the little Medieval bridal and formal wear shop located above Brisbane's trendiest most popular cafe, 'the 3 Monkey's Cafe'.

Sadly after 10 years we recently closed our beloved little West End location and now reside full time at out Ferny Hills shop. We share this shop with corsetry specialists 'Isky Corsets'. Here we can not only serve you better but can also manufacture when we have no customers to serve (:

Our Ferny Hills location is bit of a secret, we only give the address out when we know when to expect you. It's larger, better stocked, more boutiqueish and has easier street parking.

We’re conactable and viewable from 9 in the morning to around 9 at night almost every day of the week, so please contact us to let us know when you would like to come check us out ;)

Contact us anytime...

any inquiries, questions or if your just feeling lonely and want to say hi! these are our details ;)

For your curiosity....

1. Do you do custom creations?
Sorry...we use to but it took up way to much time. We have so many different styles. When you team them with our various fabrics and mix and match idea you get a limiteless suppy of possibilities.

2. Were you the guys who were at Brisbane’s South Bank and Riverside markets years ago?

3. Can i order online?
Sometimes, depends on the garment. Please feel free to inquire :)

4. Can I get a personal fitting?
Absolutely! Just come in a try what ever you want on. If you decide you want to buy something thats not on the rack or that needs t fit better we’ll make it for you with your personal alterations at no extr charge.

5. What is your sizing policy?
Our standard shop sizes are 8 - 18. We can go as high as size 24. An extra fifty dollar fee applies to any garment that exceeds our normal sizing.

6. How do i place an order?
Easy...Once you decide on your garment/s of choice all we need is a 40% deposit to begin. The deposit is non refundable, you cannot change your mind once we begin manufacture of your order. If you decide you want another one of our designs or another color you can always ask, but if we’ve started cutting there,s no turning back. Sowwy

7. If you need to make my order how long will it take?
Depends on how busy we are at the time. We try to have your garments complete within 2-3 weeks. We always keep you informed of any unforseen delays. Once your order is complete we require full balance of payment when picking up your garb.

8. What is your return policy?
Hmmm...We’ve never EVER! had anyone try or want to return something in the 12 years we;ve been in business. But these are the rules just to let you know. We do exchange only. You may exchange something within a week of purchase and only if it was a bout of the rack item. If we made it for you especially in your specific style size and fabric you cannot exchange. Thants pretty fair.

9. Do you lay by?
Nope! we use to but it got out of hand. We do try our best to help you where we can though. Hey! just ask if you need specific help with paying for items within normal time frames.

10. What forms of payment do you accept?
Good ol fashion cash! There were no such things as credit cards back in the day. We also accept checks (which must clear before goods are taken, Money orders, goats, pigs and sheep.

11. Do you wholesale?

12. Can you add a modesty panel to my bodice?
Yes. All bridal dress designs have modesty pannels as standard. If you would like a pannel added to a casual bodice it normally cost an extra $25 to make and sew into the bodice.

13. Can i eat whilst wearing my bodice?
YEAH!! ha ha!! they are very comfortable. Its so not like wearing a corset where you need to watch watch what you eat...portions etc.

14. Do you still participate in the Abbey medieval tournament?
We did the medieval tournament for 9 years straight. Within that time we were undoubtably the most popular fashion stall there thanks to our quality items. We were the only fashion vendor who didnt sell clothing made from the cheap tacky velour/stretch velvets that are commonly sold at that tournament. The last 3 years we have not attended. We do miss it though so who knows what may happen in the future. Sign up for the news letter and we’ll let you know if we will attend in advance.

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